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Direct Deposit

Sign up for Direct Deposit today and take the hassle out of depositing checks.

Direct deposit automatically places your paycheck, pension, Social Security, or other regular income into your checking, savings, or Money Market account. No more waiting for checks in the mail or standing in long lines.

Direct deposit is convenient, secure, fast and free

Funds are available instantly. All checks are deposited as cash, so you no longer need to wait for checks to clear. With a Peoples ATM Card, your money is available to you right away, 24 hours a day. Get same-day access to your deposit without making a trip to the bank, even when you’re out of town. Eliminate the risk of check loss and postal delays. With direct deposit, you have the flexibility to deposit funds across multiple LESPFCU accounts.

What you’ll need to set up a direct deposit

  • Your LESPFCU account number
  • ABA routing number 2 2 6 0 8 2 5 9 8
  • Our Name and Address: Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union 37 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009
  • Type of Account: Savings or Checking

To set up a Payroll Deposit

Take the above information to your employer. You may have to provide a voided check.

To set up a Social Security / SSI direct deposit

You can take the above information directly to the nearest social security office or you can call Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 and tell the representative that you would like to get your monthly payment deposited directly to your savings or checking account. Your money is deposited on the day you’re scheduled to receive your benefit.

Online Banking with Bill Pay

Online banking with bill pay saves you time and money on postage!

Log into your online banking account and sign up for Online Bill Pay. Bill Pay is FREE with your LES Peoples FCU checking account!

  • Pay all your bills online quickly for FREE
  • Save on postage and never write another check. Stop wasting time writing checks, making extra trips to the mailbox, or standing in line at the post office!
  • You have the ability to pay your bills near the due date, on payday, or whenever you choose
  • Schedule payments in advance. To use online Bill Pay simply date your payment for the day you want it to be sent, up to a year in advance. You can pay one time or make recurring payments!

ATM Network

LES PEOPLE’S FCU is part of the CO-OP’s network that has nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide! You’ll have more direct access to your money than most traditional bank customers do. You can withdraw cash, transfer funds between checking and savings accounts, and check your account balances at any ATM. At ATMs  at LES People’s FCU’s branches, you can make deposits too. Most CO-OP ATMs are inside McDonald’s and 7-Eleven stores.

Locate your CO-OP ATM near you, visit

Money Orders

Money orders can be purchased for $1.50. The maximum amount for each money order is $1,000. Stop payment: $15.00, Photocopy: $3.00 each.

Automatic Bill Payment

You can pay your bills electronically from your savings or checking account without bothering with checks and money orders. Insurance premiums, utility bills, telephone payments, health club memberships, union dues, internet access fees and more can all be debited automatically from your account on the day they are due.

Visit It’sMe24/7 Online Banking to set it up.

Wire Transfers

LES People’s FCU enables you to do domestic and international wire transfers. Come to our branch and arrange to have funds transferred to family and friends in other countries and nationwide. You can also arrange to have other people wire funds directly to your LES People’s FCU account.


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