Core System Conversion

Welcome to our New Banking Core System!

On November 1st, 2017, we are starting a new banking core system to provide you with new and improved products to better serve you. With this new system, some changes may impact you, please check this list to learn about them.

Your Account Number won’t change and you will receive your Direct Deposits and ACHs transfers as usual.

New Account Suffixes

Although your account numbers have not changed, your account suffixes have. When sending payments or transfers, follow the following suffixes:

Account Description – Suffix

Regular Share (Savings) – 00
Draft Share (Checking) – 71
Certificate of Deposit – 81
Holiday Club – 51
Money Market – 75
Line of Credit – 21
Personal Loan – 01
Mortgage Loan – 31
Credit Card – 401

Debit Cards won’t change

UPDATE- Debit Card transactions posting has a delay of up to 24 hours but it should be corrected soon. Available balances are updated right away but in some cases, this is updated with delays as well. We have waived fees related to this issue for the month of November.

Debit Cards will continue to work as normal and will be valid until further notice. The usage of your debit card will be limited on October 31st and November 1st; you should try to take care of any debit transaction before 3PM on October 31st.

Credit Cards switching to Master Card

UPDATE –  Credit card transaction history for October and credit card statements for August, September, and October are available in Online Banking. For more transactions history, please request your old statements at no cost by calling us at 212-529-8197 or emailing us

Your existing VISA Credit Card will be replaced with a Master Card credit card that will be in effect on October 31, activate your new card when received, and be ready to use it after October 31st. All existing VISA credit cards will stop working on October 30th at midnight.

Click here for more information.

Online Banking enrollment

UPDATE: Transaction history for Savings and Checking Accounts are available up to 24 months. Cleared check images are available to view and print. The posting of the debit transactions have still a delay of 24 hrs but available balances update immediately.

A2A and P2P services are not available at this moment but we are working in getting them available soon. In the meantime, we encourage our members to use BillPay to make transfers to another financial institutions or payments to third parties.

Online Banking will go down on October 31st at 3PM and return November 1st at 5PM. You will need to enroll in the new Online Banking. However, once you’re logged in, you can access your existing Bill Pay account using your Bill Pay username and password.

Click here for more information.

Mobile Banking

Use the same Online Banking Username and Password in Mobile Banking. The features available in Mobile Banking are Transfers, Online Bill Pay, E-statements, etc.

Bill Pay downtime period

UPDATE: Online Bill Pay service is available in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. If you have used this service before the conversion, you don’t require to re-enroll. The system will recognize your username and password. If this is your first time using it, you need to enroll by following the steps indicated in the Bill Pay page in Online Banking.

For a few hours between 3PM on October 31st and 5PM on November 1st, your Bill Pay will be down to proceed with the system migration. We advise you to make any payments prior to October 31, even if not due until the first of November.

Automated Teller Center will have a new number

Your new Automated Teller Center number is 1-800-854-3855. You will need to enroll after November 1st. Notice that suffixes have changed. To check your regular share (savings) account for example,  you need to enter the suffix 00.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us for additional questions at 212-529-8197, 212-828-6061 or 718-554-4544, by email, or visit us at


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