International Credit Union Day

International Credit Union Day – Dreams Thrive Here
Join us to celebrate this year’s International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 19 when LES
People’s FCU, along with more than 56,000 credit unions around the world, celebrate the philosophy and
achievements of the credit union movement. We’ll extend the celebration to the whole week of October
16-20 with games and prizes at our branches, come celebrate with LESPFCU a worldwide movement
that’s made helping people its No. 1 priority.
We, credit unions, are not-for- profit financial cooperatives, offering the same services as other financial
institutions, but with a people-first philosophy. Since 1948, on the third Thursday of every October, credit
unions have distinguished the principles that make credit unions the best financial partners of people all
over the world. "Dreams Thrive Here" this year’s ICU Day theme, demonstrates how credit unions serve
as a spark to make different professions, personal choices and career paths real.
With International Credit Union Day, we’d like to clear up the four biggest myths about credit unions.
1. They aren’t big enough.
There are big and small credit unions, but just like banks, your deposits at a credit union are insured by
the federal government up to $250,000.
2. It will be hard to access my money.
Credit unions have access to a network of 30,000 free ATMs and 5,000 shared branching locations,
making it easy for you to access your money anywhere.
3. I can’t join.
Anybody can join a credit union. You may be eligible based on your employer, where you live, or your
family, as most credit unions allow members’ families to join.
4. They don’t offer as many perks as banks.
Credit unions offer the same financial products as banks—checking accounts, debit and credit cards,
online banking, IRAs (individual retirement accounts), and home and auto loans—but because they’re
not-for- profit, they often offer better rates than banks.



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