Select Partner Group Referral Form

Select partner groupSelect Partner Group Referral Form

This Select Partner Group (SPG) online referral form is only valid when is submitted by an SPG authorized representative. Authorized representatives may use this form to grant credit union membership eligibility to a staff member, volunteer or client of their organization.

Select Partner Group Referral Form for LESPFCU

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  • About referred new member

Required documents to open an account at LES People’s FCU:

1)      Submit at least one valid government-issued photo identification, such as:

  • Driver’s license or State ID
  • Passport
  • Municipal ID (IDNYC)
  • Consular identification card

2)     Submit one proof of your home address, such as:

  • current telephone, utility or cable bill
  • current lease or rent receipt
  • current Human Resources letter from public assistance
  • current voter registration card

3)     A minimum deposit of $75 to avoid a $3 monthly maintenance fee. The account must never be below $25 which is the minimum to have a share in the credit union.

* There is an annual account servicing fee of $5 and is charged every July 31st of each year.

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