Real Estate

MortgagesLESPFCU offers:

  • Individual and HDFC Loans
  • Affordable rates and accessible terms
  • Fast application process
  • Personalized service
  • Knowledge about New York City HDFC law and codes
  • Improvement on existing terms and conditions of your mortgage
  • Building-wide improvements with a Co-op Corporation loan
  • NEW Rent Management Service, at a very affordable rate: we collect rent, deposit payments into your account, provide you with monthly rent roll reports and bank statements

For many throughout New York City, LESPFCU’s loans have been the catalyst to make the dream of home-ownership a reality.

Also, your Co-op or HDFC can be pre-qualified for loans by meeting with our HDFC/ Business Loan Officer – Alfonsina Morel at (212) 529.8197 Ext. 115. With pre-qualification, your building will be treated as an LESPFCU preferred borrower which gives you, and fellow shareholders, access to a faster loan process.

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