Individual COOP Loans

Typcal COOP Building
To help fill the gap between opportunities throughout New York City and the financing and information needed to attain home-ownership, LESPFCU’s Co-op Lending Program offers loans to members and conducts Home-Ownership seminars to help people prepare for their goals.

The Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union has expertise in HDFC laws and codes to make the dream of home ownership a reality.

Your Co-op or HDFC can be pre-qualified for loans by meeting with our HDFC representative. With pre-qualification, your building will be treated as an LESPFCU preferred borrower which gives you, and fellow share holders, access to a faster loan process.

For more information, please contact our Real Estate Loan Officer, Stefanie Diaz – NMLS #1078244- at 212-529-8197, ext 126 or

Individual COOP Loan Check List

COOP  Information and  Questionnaire

Loan Fees and Closing Costs

Mortgage Rates


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