Become an HDFC Member

Any HDFC building in New York City is eligible to become an HDFC member of the credit union and participate in our HDFC Lending and Services Program.
Visit one of our branches to open an account or contact Alfonsina Morel at 212-529-8197 ext. 115 to set up an appointment and visit your office

Requirements to Open a Savings Account and become an HDFC member:

Bring the following information with you to open an account

  1. HDFC Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Employer Identification Number (EIN) from IRS
  3. Signed Account Resolution (including all elected board members’ signature)
  4. Proof of Address
  5. Most recent minutes from board meeting including elected board members signature
  6. Personal Information from all board members of HDFC:
    1. A valid photo ID such as driver’s license, passport, consular ID, municipal ID
    2. Social Security or ITIN [1]

 Share Account Basics (Savings)

  • New Membership Fee ………….$5
  • Annual Membership Fee (charged on July 31) …………………..$5
  • Minimum deposit required/value of one share …………………$25
  • Minimum balance to avoid Monthly Maintenance Fee [2]…..$3
[1] You must have a social security number or an ITIN to open an interest bearing account.
[2] Monthly Maintenance Fee is based on the Average Daily Balance in Money Market share draft account ONLY. The Month begins on the first calendar day of the period and ends on the last calendar day of the period.

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