Rent Maintenance Service

Rent Maintenance Service

LES People’s FCU helps members to take the hassle out of managing your buildings rent and maintenance. We collect rent and maintenance payments, deposit payments into savings or checking accounts, and provide monthly rent and maintenance roll reports and account statements.

Monthly Rates:

$6.25 for every unit up to 20 units, with a minimum of $50 whichever is greater.
$3.25 for every additional unit.

If you would like to begin the process, please contact Alfonsina Morel

Rent Management FAQs

How do we make regular payments?

Tenants can either come into one of our two branches to submit the payment or mail in a check or money order. Each tenant must provide the teller with their apartment number or write it on the check or money order.

Is there a late fee for tenants who do not pay on time?

The building board decides on the amount and whether they want to charge a late fee.

When is the rent due and is there a grace period?

The building board decides on the payment due date and the Credit Union gives the tenants a 10 day grace period from the due date. After the grace period, any late fees determined by the board will be charged.

Do the tenants receive monthly statements?

The credit union can provide monthly statements at an additional cost. The cost is to be determined.

How can the HDFC pay for this service?

Each month the Credit Union will deduct the payment from the building’s account.

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