Share Certificates (CDs) / Club Accounts

Share CertificateA Share Certificate (or Certificate of Deposit) and a Holiday Club Account are great to earn a higher dividends on your deposited funds.

Opening a Share Certificate

With a Share Certificate, members can lock in a higher interest rate by committing their money for a specific period of time. An excellent alternative to regular savings accounts, share certificates guarantee a fixed rate of return, making them safe, secure, & risk free.

Open a Share Certificate with a minimum of $500, and for as short as 6 months or as long as 3 years. Talk to us today about putting your money to work for you! To learn more about Share Certificates and how to open one, contact our member service representatives at (212) 529-8197.

Open a Holiday Club Account

With a Holiday Account, members can save for the holiday expenses and earn more money with higher dividends.

Open a Holiday Club anytime with a minimum deposit of $15. The maximum amount to earn dividends is $10,000. Dividends on this account are paid on October 31 of every year by end of day. Funds become available on November 1, and the money from your club account is transferred into your regular savings account on this day.

Submit this Holiday Club Account Form to one of our representatives.

Contact our Member Service Representatives if you have additional questions at 212-529-8197 or

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