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Share (Savings) Accounts are the foundation of your LES People’s FCU membership. They are called Share Accounts, as opposed to simply Savings Accounts, to signify each member’s ownership of the Credit Union.

Requirements to Open a Savings Account

1) Submit at least one valid government-issued photo identification, such as:

Driver’s license
Municipal ID (IDNYC)
Consular identification card

2) Submit one proof of your home address, such as:

current telephone, utility or cable bill
current lease or rent receipt
current clinic card showing the address
current Human Resources letter from public assistance
voter card

3) A minimum deposit of $75 to avoid a $3 monthly maintenance fee. The account must never be below $25 which is the minimum to have a share in the credit union. There is no monthly maintenance fee for members over 65 and kids under 18.

4)  An account opening fee of $5.

5) If you are joining through a Select Partner Group, please bring proof that you are affiliated with that organization, such as:

A pay stub if you are an employee.
A letter from the organization on official letterhead stating your affiliation (board member, volunteer, member, etc.)
A referral form from the Select Partner Group

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Interested in earning dividends? See our dividend schedule.

Contact our Member Service Representatives if you have additional questions at 212-529-8197 or


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