Youth Accounts

LES PEOPLE’S FCU Celebrates Youth Month

Learning to save for what you want in life is a crucial life skill, but it’s one too few young people are learning. That’s why for financially literacy month in April, LES People’s FCU will focus on helping young people develop good saving habits.

We are hosting a savings challenge  and a youth month raffle for the entire month, encouraging young members to save for something they really care about and offering prizes for participating.

Savings Challenge
You can participate in the challenge in two ways:

  • Open a youth account this month with $1 minimum deposit – claim a gift!
  • Make deposits into your existing youth account – claim a gift!

Youth Month Raffle
All young members (18 and younger) can enter the Youth Month Raffle to win $100. You need to fill out a Youth Month Raffle coupon and give it to us. Two winners will be announced in May!

Help Your Kids See the Future! Together we can help them blast-off toward a bright and wondrous future.

Download Youth Month raffle coupon

We have accounts for any age group under the age of 18. Check out your age group and open account with our financial cooperative.

For kids younger than age 14, parent or adult must accompany minor and bring the following:

  1. Copy of Kid’s Birth Certificate
  2. Kid’s Social Security Number or ITIN
  3. Parent’s picture ID with current proof of address

For kids age 14 and younger than 18, bring the following:

  1. Photo ID: State ID, Passport, Municipal ID, School ID.
  2. Proof of Address: school letter, notarized parents letter, pay stubs, bank statement, clinic card.
  3. Social Security Number or ITIN

Youth Savings Account
Minimum deposit required  – $1
Monthly Maintenance Fee –  FREE
Annual Membership Fee (charged on July 31)  – $5

Youth Checking Account  – Available with joint account with parent
Initial deposit required$25.
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0
Minimum balance required $0

ATM/Debit Card Basics
ATMs are available with Savings only[1]
Debit cards are available with Checking only[2]
First 8 ATM/PIN transactions per month   month – FREE
ATM Transaction fee after – $1

[1] For teens of age 16 to before turning 18. Cards are issued in the name of the kid.

[2] For teens of age 16 to before turning 18 and in a joint account with an adult. Cards are issued in the name of the adult

School Scholarship

College Scholarships for High School Seniors are available every year. Visit our scholarship page to learn more about this opportunity.

Youth Month

Celebrate Youth Month every April. Win gifts, take a tour to our offices and 1950’s vault, enter to win raffles, and bring your savings to the credit union.

Youth Classes in Financial Management

We offer a full range of classes and services to help youth build valuable financial management skills and/or help them address habits and behaviors which prevent them from saving and investing. We provide presentations to organizations and schools. Interested in coordinating a presentation? Contact us


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