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New Online Banking Security Feature

Starting Monday, January 20th, our Online and Mobile Banking access will require a Two-Factor Authentication step to add extra security to your accounts. You will be required to have an email address or a mobile number linked to your account to receive a security code and have access to your account online. If you don’t have a cellphone number or an email address linked to your account, please contact us at 212-529-8197, 212-828-6061, 718-554-4544, or email Click here for a quick guide.

2020 People’s College Scholarship is Now Receiving Applications!

The People’s Memorial College Scholarship supports first-time college students with their career path by offering two prizes of $1,000 each to cover qualified college expenses such as partial tuition, school books, school equipment and relocation expenses.   Read more…

Avoid a budget crunch next year!

Our 2020 Holiday Account starts November and you should check it out. This flexible account allows you to save small amounts throughout the year so you can be ready for the 2020 holiday season. You can set up the deposit amount and the frequency that works best for you. The maximum amount to earn dividends is $10,000 and they are paid October 31st of each year. If you need the funds before the maturity date, you can access them with no penalties. Read More